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intimacy & relationship coaching

Loving Couple
Loving Couple

If you are feeling disconnected from your partner, your body, or your desires,

it is time to heal...body, mind, and soul.


Whether you have been dating your partner for years or are just re-entering the dating world following a divorce, loss, or significant event, we can work together to create deeper intimacy through communication, connection, and honest engagement. Dating does not have to feel scary or overwhelming. 


Learn to let go of past traumas so you can cultivate more self confidence and express your most authentic and sexually liberated self, ultimately taking your relationship to the next level for both you and your partner. Together we can heal childhood wounds, overcome body image issues, and create deeper more connected sex with your lover and yourself. 

Couple in the Kitchen
Loving Couple
Couple in Bed


Together we will harness your sexual energy and direct it in a way that will truly transform your intimate moments and unlock your orgasmic potential. You will gain a deeper self love and acceptance, find and explore your turn ons and desires, and gain confidence so you can express those desires, needs, and set healthy boundaries. Ultimately you will gain a deeper trust in yourself and your body, which will allow you to feel more pleasure in sex and in life.

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