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Sher was the leading expert on the impact of generational change and its impact on the workplace. As an author, columnist, blogger, and lecturer, she was known for creating a clear understanding of how generational demographics changed the landscape of business.


Sher and her consulting firm, Generational Guru, provided research and consultation on generational issues to hundreds of companies and professional groups, ranging from small businesses to multinational corporations, as well as major professional associations, for over 15 years. Quoted by the Chicago Tribune, and US News & World Report, she has been heard on ABC Talk Live, iHeart Radio, NPR and profiled on Conde’ Nast’s


Sher became known as the ‘Go To’ expert for all things generational. Being a Gen X'er herself but living more like a Baby Boomer, Sherri began researching small and large businesses to debunk generational myths and discover the most effective ways to solve multi-generational clashes. Sher’s clients consistently report that her research makes her programs relevant and her presentation style makes them interesting and fun.


More recently, Sher began a new focus and brand, the Zensual Gal, and her highly anticipated first book of the series is scheduled to be released Spring 2023.

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