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i help women feel

like zensual godesses

Do you want to feel divinely sexy, confident, and be your own Zensual Goddess?


Sign up for your 

personalized Zensual Goddess coaching program today!


Book now to start your self-love affair and say YES to living a life of joy and zensuality.

Zensual goddess

​Some call me a sexual empowerment coach, mentor, or a go-to girlfriend.

I'm a human resource executive by education, bestselling author by profession, an explorer of the world, blogger, and on a BIG mission to empower more women to feel more confident in their own skin and to live their best, and juiciest life, today!


As your coach, I will show you the real cause of what’s been holding you back from feeling like a real femme fatale.


Spoiler alert: it's not because you don't have what it takes. There’s something holding you back! I’m committed to helping you clear the blocks that are keeping you from feeling like a superwoman.


I know how you feel (trust me when I say I have walked a mile in your shoes).


For most of my life, I didn't feel amazing or beautiful. Far from it! I was always comparing my myself with others and looking for love outside of myself.


In my relationships, I was often either emotionally obsessed or completely detached and I was always left feeling powerless suppressing my real emotions and my truth.


Until I decided to truly appreciate myself for who I was and took the steps to develop an effective relationship with MYSELF!



These days, my mission is to share everything I have learned and experienced with women from around the world who are ready to reclaim their power.


I truly believe that if you focus on your strengths you have a better relationship with yourself, everything will change. Truly confident women have the power to change the world by starting with themselves. Let’s do this together!



Book now to start living your Zensual life!

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