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We cannot talk about sexual power without talking about sexual energy. I believe our zensuality is, at its root, an energy. This energy is our own powerful core, the fire we use to flirt, connect, explore, fantasize, and express our power in a multitude of ways.


When your energy is strong and you are in alignment, you have a powerful way of attracting to you what you desire. This is an ideal state. Your core sexual energy is essential to your personal gas tank; it keeps you going, but it's not mere fuel. There is a quality to it that is fundamental to you living an orgasmic life.

Sherri Elliott-Yeary



I absolutely adore the ecstasies of love and sex. Sherri is my real first name, but I admit my surname is a pen-name.

Which is a shame, because I really do like to share open and authentically.

I’m absolutely fascinated about love and sex: the feelings, the sensations, the incandescent beauty of it all.

Oooh, I could go on and on…

I'm busy writing a series of standalone stories about the joy of sex to be shared in my new book 69 of My Dirtiest Secrets. I’m also busy building up a story world, simply called Zensual Gal™, and I want it to be a never ending series of episodes about a broadminded woman, based on myself, who pursues her romantic, zensual, carnal pleasures.

These are based partly on the adventures I’ve had, and the rest come out of this frenzied, erotic imagination of mine; an imagination that never lets me go.

I thank you deeply, and with warm affection, for your healthy interest in the beauty of love and sex, and for reading my books.

Own Your Power and Claim Your Zen - NEVER FORGET IT - because it’s so very, very good for you.


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