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20 Fun and Sexy Questions to Ask Your Partner

Anyone in a relationship knows that communication is the key to happiness-and intimacy. Being able to communicate with your partner about naughty stuff can bring you closer together and make your intimate life more fun, passionate, adventurous and exciting.

Whether you’ve been committed for a while or just started dating, these fun and sexy questions can help encourage the two of you to explore new territory in your relationship and get you feeling flirty and sexy in no time.

1. Have you ever skinny dipped in a group?

Splish splash! Did anyone catch a glimpse above water?

2. What’s your favorite part of my body?

Take this up a notch by having your partner touch it rather than say it.

3. What kind outfit would look best on me?

“You look beautiful in everything,” is not acceptable answer. Make him imagine you in something sexy and describe every detail.

4. Do you think you are a good kisser?

If they say yes, their confidence will be super sexy. If their answer sounds a little unsure, spend a few minutes reassuring them you love the way they kiss you….all over, if you want.

5. Where do you like being touched the most?

Show don’t tell. Grab each other’s hands and guide them to your sensitive spots!

6. How often do you touch yourself in a week? What’s on your mind during solo time?

Don’t be shy! Show your partner how and where you like to be touched.

7. Where is the strangest place you’ve ever had sex?

The car, clothing store dressing room, on the beach, etc?

8. Where would you love to have sex?

Keep a list of the one’s you’d like to cross off that bucket list together.

9. Whats the ultimate role play for you?

Never underestimate the explosive power of a good sexy game.

10. What turns you on almost instantly?

We all have that one little thing that gets our gears going. Learn your partner’s answers and never forget them.

11. What celebrity do you think would be the best in bed?

Make a list of the top celebrities you are attracted to and share. You can always dream!

12. How do you feel about bringing toys into the bedroom?

If you both give a thumbs up, go shopping together!

13. Have you ever bragged to your friends about me?

Pinky swear you won’t get mad before you both answer honesty. Remember, dishing about your hot sex life is a big compliment!

14. Have you ever been to a strip club?

No judgement if bachelor and bachelorette parties led to throw’in dollars. You were just being a good friend.

15. What kind of talk do you like, if any in bed?

Please don’t just say “I love it when you call me sexy.” Use your imagination.

16. Have you ever explored tantric sex?

If you don’t know what this is, it involves a fierce connection with your partner, plus you will have the longest orgasm in your life. Trust me it is worth the time and energy to explore.

17. Do you want to meet up at a bar and try to pick me up and role play?

Role play is sexy, and it is like going on your first date all over again, except this time you know you are going to have sexy fun afterwards!

18. Hickies, major yes or no?

You will go one way or another. There is not an in between when it comes to hickies.

19. Have you ever had group sex?

There is something extremely erotic about watching your lover being pleasured by another person, don’t judge, just enjoy!

20. What is a fantasy you’ve never shared with anyone?

If you can’t think of one, ask your partner to share one they would like to try with you.

Live with Joy & Passion!

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