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Outfit of the day

My intention wasn’t to have sex in the club this time. I’ve been there many times before and even though I knew a few good spots to take carnal pleasure from a lustful lover, I wanted something more tonight. I wanted someone to take me home and fuck me for hours.

Maybe I was a bit scorned after my last relationship ended, but that is the last rational thought I have. My mind was stuck on the sexual glare I was getting from a stranger as I got out of the cab. His eyes glued to my crotch, I hung in the doorway of the cab for a moment, startled by the wicked smile on his face. Then, I realized my little black dress had ridden up and was no longer fully covering me. For a moment, I regretted my decision to not wear panties tonight since it was giving him a nice view of my freshly waxed pussy. He would be the one to take me home and fuck me for hours, though.

Unfortunately, I lost track of him in the crowd as I got up from the cab and pulled my dress down. I headed inside with a tingle in every step, hoping I could find that stranger… or maybe he would seek me out. My mind raced with anticipation, wondering what I would do if I found him; wondering what he would do if he found me.

I see a cab pull up. I am waiting by the door in hopes of getting some pussy tonight. I know if I see a woman get out of the cab she is after one of two things either to get drunk or find someone to take her home for the night. I see this beautiful woman start out of the cab. I can’t believe my luck seeing her shaved pussy. I would do just about anything to pull that little black dress off her and eat that tasty pussy.

I watch her for a few minutes. For someone like that, with no panties on, surely is meeting someone here. Several guys come up to her and she sends them away. She seems to be looking for someone. A thought passes through my mind: do I or don’t I? What the hell, the worst she can do is say no…and that is greatly outweighed by what a yes would mean for me.

Standing at the bar, I can’t believe how busy the club is. Within a few minutes of entering, six different boys all offer to buy me a drink. None of them catch my eye like the man that I saw while getting out of the cab. None of their eyes burn with desire. I can see that they are lusting over my curvy body, but they don’t have that fire in their eyes that could burn away my clothes and fuck me hard against the floor.

After I send them away, I motion for the bartender, Julio, to refill my glass. While Julio is mixing me another Manhattan, I feel someone coming up next to me at the bar. I ready myself to break another little boy’s heart, but when I turn, I find myself lost in the eyes of the man I’d been hoping to meet.

“Your place or mine? I want to eat and fuck that sweet pussy of yours.” He says. His words send a tingle down my spine, the fire I’d seen in his eyes rings true in his words. A wicked smile comes over my face and I turn to Julio as he brings back my drink, “Julio, is the Lounge reserved tonight?”

Julio responds, “Had a last minute cancellation. It’s as empty as the tip jar is Zee for the next ten minutes.” After taking a few bills out of my bra, I set them on the bar in front of Julio. Then I turn back to my waiting stranger and grab him by the hand. I lead him down the bar and across the floor to a closed-door labelled, “Lounge”. Pushing the door open, I pull the stranger in, closing the door behind us.

My stranger takes a few steps into the room and looks back at me. Before he can ask anything, I put my finger to my lips to silence him. I saunter over to the lounge’s private bar and climb up onto it. I pull my dress up to my waist and spread my legs, giving him a full view of my neatly shaved, already wet pussy. “You can fuck me all night at my place, but first, you have to make me cum right here and now. And we have to be cleaned up before our ten minutes are up.” His sexy grin tells me I am in for a treat as he walks over to me and lowers his head to my waiting pussy.

She looks divine upon the private bar. If it was what she wanted, I could spend minutes praising her before we begin. She has demands, though, and a time limit. I was the one who took the direct approach earlier, it seemed only fitting that I now get right to it. I start by licking her slit before driving my tongue deep in her shaved pussy. I can feel the fire inside her as I slip a finger deep inside while I suck her clit. She arches her back and grinds her pussy against my tongue, pushing my finger deeper into her. Her body is tensing up and I know that I will soon be rewarded by her sweet juices.

Her legs wrap around my head and she leans back onto the bar, elevating her pussy up closer to me. I remove my finger from her pussy and grab her by her firm ass. Holding her as close as possible, I flick my tongue against her clit. She squirms beneath my tongue and her moans tell how hot she is.

My God his tongue… just the slightest brush of it is almost enough to make me cum. Holding on as long as I can, I want to feel this pleasure longer. Once his finger slides into me, once he starts playing with me, I know I won’t be able to hold out for long. My legs wrap themselves around his head without me telling them to and he takes his fingers from my pussy so that he can really start to use his tongue, I cum harder than I have in a while. His lovely tongue leaves my clit and laps up my juices as I feel the waves of pleasure rush over me. He sets me down as my orgasm passed… He’s going for his trousers and even though I know we don’t have much time, I don’t say anything. I want to fuck him right now. Even after that orgasm, I’m still horny as hell. There isn’t enough time for a proper fuck here in the Lounge, but I still want to at least feel his cock. I pull my dress back down over my ass as he sits up on the bar.

His cock stands at attention and just looking at it makes me almost drool. I lick my lips as I wrap my hand around the base. I decide to lick the tip first; a moan escapes his lips. I smile up at him and begin to slide my hand up and down across his cock. I go slowly at first and once I start to speed up I put my mouth around his tip. I circle my tongue around the head as I continue stroking his shaft. I pull my tongue back and start to swallow the first few inches of his cock. It’s twitching in my hand and mouth, I don’t want to make him cum just yet, though. I go as deep as I can without gagging, His cock nice and wet. I remove my hand from his cock and pull my phone and some cash from my bra. I set them on the bar next to him while still sucking his cock.

I reach around my back and unclasp my bra through my dress. Pulling back from his cock, I see confusion on his face as he looks down at me. I just smile as I pull down the straps of my dress and pull my bra off… I wrap my breasts around his cock as he stares mesmerized by the light flicking from my nipple piecing’s as I press my beautiful tits around his cock. We both moan this time, as he leans back on the bar and gets some leverage to start pumping his cock between my breasts. I tilt my neck down and lick with my tongue, getting his cock head when it emerges from my breasts. He knows how to treat my breasts while fucking them, I press them together against his cock and lick the tip every chance I get. Then he’s using the leverage he’d gotten to fuck my breasts to push us back from the bar, I am down on my knees before I realize it and I’m reaching up for his cock… He seems so much taller… so much larger now…

He pushes his cock into my mouth and starts to fuck my face. I grab his ass and hold on as he forces his cock deep into my throat. He goes deeper than anyone has before, fucking me with vigor. I feel his ass tighten and his cock start to twitch. I pull back from his cock and start to stroke it. I lean in and suck on his balls as I point his cock away from me, out into the lounge. He comes, I watch as his cum shoots out onto the floor. I imagine that cum filling my mouth and dripping out from the corners. I hold his cock tight until he finishes coming, making sure that none of it gets on our clothes… Then I kiss the tip and stand up. Pulling the straps of my dress back up over my shoulders, I don’t bother retrieving my bra. He’s pulling up his trousers and buckling his belt by the time I’ve grabbed my phone and cash from the bar.

“Do you have a car or should I call a lift?” As I ask, the door opens and Julio comes in. “Jesus, Zee! I said ten minutes! It’s been twenty! We need to get this place cleaned up before the next party arrives… get out! Go!” I smile at Julio and don’t say anything to him as I lead my new lover out of the lounge. I hand Julio a large bill and it seems to smooth things over between us.

When we get out of the building, I turn back to my stranger “So, do I need to give you my address so you can drive us or do I need to call a lift so you can join me at home for an evening or lifetime of exciting sex?” He looks me up and down and states “baby I can pleasure you in ways you never thought of, today and for a lifetime.”

I look into his eyes and declare my inner Zensual Goddess must be satisfied and it will take more than a few easy orgasm’s…he looks back at me and declares he is the man for the job! Well see I think to myself quietly……

Live with passion & joy! Zee

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