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Apparently a woman’s sexual desire and their arousal is closely linked to the light and the sun, and as it starts to shine more in April and May, the female craving for sex peaks…and for those of zensual goddesses living in warmer climates simply means we are hornier in the hotter months!

One of the best things about spring is that cleavage comes out of hibernation, but sexy outfits are not the only thing in bloom, apparently. Anew study that women’s sex drive also blossoms in the springtime.

Research from University of Tromso in Norway has suggested that women are friskier in the spring than any other time of year and their craving for sex peaks.

Spring breakers are thrilled with the news, and while they couldn’t care less as to why that’s the case, one hypothesis for the arousal increase is that sunlight can have an impact on certain hormones in the body, such as endorphins, which influence our happiness and horniness.

As for men, although they can be horny 24-7/365, the study showed their horniness ramps up in the fall, with August being their peak month. I wonder why? Any male readers care to comment?

Consider this just one more realm where men and women aren’t on the same page but if we communicate with our lover we can enjoy every season of the year! How does it get any better?

Live with Passion & Joy, Zensual Gal.

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