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“Rub it like this.”

“You need to stretch first.”

“It’s because you don’t drink enough orange juice!”

You can find a lot of weird, funky advice on the internet when searching for ways to have stronger, more powerful orgasms. Some is good, some not so much.

I don’t write about old wives tales here at Zensual Gal, just simple and powerful sex tips. Below are my recommendations for you to have more powerful orgasms, more often:

  1. Learn To Relax

Learning to relax is by far the most important sex tip I can give you if you are serious about reaching your sexual potential.

But it’s not as easy as telling you to ‘just relax’.

Often you’ll find that the more you try to relax, the harder it is to actually relax.

When you are with your lover, you may be feeling that you have to have an orgasm with them. Instead of trying to just enjoy yourself and just going-with-the-flow, you might be focusing all your energy on trying to climax.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

But what if you could just feel it slowly coming on, where almost nothing you could do could stop it? And then you just erupt in orgasmic bliss?

Many women I have spoken to find these types of orgasms to be a lot more satisfying, intense and JUICY!

So how can you ‘learn to relax’?

Experience is the best teacher for learning to relax.

A great way to learn to relax and get comfortable with yourself is through masturbation.

Start by masturbating alone in a private place where you feel comfortable. Your bedroom is usually a good start. From here you want to graduate to relaxing with your lover either while masturbating yourself in front of them or during sex/foreplay.

Many men have shared with me how turned on they get watching their woman satisfy herself….so go ahead and enjoy the opportunity to discover your “hot buttons” while your man watches.

  1. Use Quality Sex Toys

Sex toys are like steroids….but for sex.

They take good sex and make it incredible, they have the ability to assist you with achieving longer, more intense orgasms!

But unlike steroids, using sex toys is not cheating!

So what types of sex toys should I use to have more and stronger orgasms?

Vibrators are the obvious choice. But before rushing out to buy a vibrator, some words of warning. Cheap vibrators only run on one setting: Super-High-Power!

These vibrators are often too strong to have enjoyable orgasms. Many people even report that they end up making them feel sort of numb after using them for only a minute or 2.

It’s a much better idea to invest in a slightly more expensive vibrator that offers multiple speeds and settings.

However, you’ll find that it’s worth your time investigating other sex toys too. Many report that using a butt plug during intercourse heightens the entire experience for them. While other report that using other toys during sex like restraints, nipple clamps or even wearing a mouth gag give them similar experiences.

And don’t forget about using some lube!

  1. The Longer The Build Up, The Better!

Quickies are great. They can be hot and oh-so-naughty!

But if you want to have strong orgasms, a long slow build up is much, much better.

So how slow should I be?

It can literally be all day long!

It could start in the morning, with some flirty texts between you and your lover. Then in the evening you could go for a nice romantic meal together.

After the meal, when you return home, you should draw out foreplay for at least an hour, then slowly graduate to having sex. Not one-minute-rabbit-sex, but nice and slow sex.

The purpose is to slowly build you up towards orgasm.

You’ll find that this slow build up will make it far easier for you to orgasm. As well as finding it easier to orgasm, you’ll also find it easier to have multiple orgasms using a slow build up.

  1. Teasing Foreplay

This sex tip is actually something your lover might also read.

Or at least try to relay this information to him or her.

Sometimes it’s nice when your lover is aggressive and wants to turn you on as fast as possible….The problem is that most people seem to think that this is the only type of foreplay.

The other type of foreplay that he should try using is what I like to call ‘Teasing Foreplay’.

The goal of Teasing Foreplay is to turn you on slowly and to tease you with sexual gratification.

The premise of teasing foreplay is this:

When your lover can tell that you are really enjoying something and getting closer to orgasm, they need to start doing something else.

Some people call this the ‘2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back Approach’.

Here are some examples:

  • When they can tell that you are getting closer to a climax as he/she is eating you out, they might stop and instead start to slowly caress your thighs with their hands and mouth.

  • Then as you start to really get off to it, he/she should switch things up again to something like focusing on your breasts and neck.

  • As they can see you getting heated up from that, he/she can then finally return to your vagina for some attention from their hands.

  • And then right before you to climax, you can both start having sex.

The key for your lover is to constantly bring you the edge, before backing off. 2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Backwards. And then afterwards, doing it all over again.

When he/she does eventually bring you over the edge, you are going to have a super powerful orgasm and maybe you will be able to SQUIRT!!

  1. Discover Your Fantasies, Kinks & Fetishes

So many girls and guys go through life feeling ashamed of the very things that turn them on!

This is not the way to discover your true sexual potential when you are concerned about what others think…it is about what turns you on and gets you juicy.

You might feel that your kinks, desires and fetishes are not normal and that you’re the only one who has them. Everybody has them.

The sooner that you realize they are normal and nothing to be ashamed about, the sooner you will be relaxed about having them.

Don’t forget

More Relaxed = Stronger Orgasms

You may not want to share them with anyone else (which is perfectly normal), but coming to terms with the fact that they are normal is important if you want enjoyable, guilt-free orgasms.

  1. Find Your Rhythm

Finding great sex positions that ‘hit the spot’ is great.

Just as important is finding a rhythm that you enjoy and letting your lover know about it.

  • You might like it when they take it nice and slow.

  • You might like it when he is fast like rabbit!

  • Or maybe you enjoy a combination of both.

What’s important is communicating this to your lover. Communication is key, you did not come with a User’s Manual so it’s your job to share with your lover what turns you on in that moment!

Rather than sitting them down with a pen and paper or showing your lover a spreadsheet & pie charts (joke!) of what you like, there’s a much easier way of letting them know what you enjoy and what gets you off.

Just say it during sex.

Just like that.





It’s that easy, and 99.9% of male and female lovers will happily comply!

Then when they are in a good rhythm that works for you and your body, make sure to praise them and show gratitude for their abilities to turn you on!

Use phrases like:

Just like that.

Keep going.

Don’t stop.

Have you ever had sex in a really bright room, with the lights on, with a lover you like, but it was your first time together?

  1. Sensory Deprivation

Many people find that sex with the light on doesn’t allow them to fully relax and enjoy themselves. But with the light off, they feel more comfortable and relaxed.

An interesting way to take this concept a little further is to try having sex with a blindfold on. When everything is pitch black and you are unable to see, you need to rely on your other senses to orientate you. Many find this both highly arousing and relaxing at the same time.

An interesting way to take this concept further is to try using ear plugs as well.

My finally recommendation for you is if you are not aware of what turns you on, lights you up how can you share that with your lover. Once you are able to be your own Source of joy and pleasure, you will be able to enjoy a more passionate sex life with your partner.

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