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“In which Paradise beckons, and lovers abandon themselves to the profound sensual pleasures that rule the realm of erotic revelry.”

My boyfriend and I are committed to expanding and exploring our sexual limits as a couple while enjoying the opportunity to experience new sexual adventures. There is a Back Room in every city, you just have to look for it!

The Back Room:

The big golden sign above the door reads in big bold letters “The Black Room. No clothes allowed beyond this point!” in red black letters, simple and to the point. I feel his hand squeeze mine for reassurance as we stare at the door in wonder and delight. It’s not our first time to the swinger’s club but the first time we have entered the much talked about Black Room. He turns to me and utters something but I don’t take in what he’s saying as I watch another couple undress behind him and open the door to enter the room. I watch them disappear as the door slowly closes. I feel my hand reach behind my back for the zip for my short black dress as I step out of my shiny black heels. He watches me undress as his hand pops the buttons on his jeans. Before I know it we are both standing there naked. I glance at his cock and see it starting to swell in excitement. We tidy our clothes in a neat pile and place them by the wall. His hand slowly reaches for the door then pushes it open as we step inside. The door to the Black Room closes behind us.

There is a dimly lit passage with another black door at the end passage. Another sign on the door reads “contraceptives and wipes are located in each corner of the room, have fun.”. I can hear muted noises coming from behind the door, my heart is pounding as I nervously reach out and pull the door open that leads to the black room. As I walk in with my arm stretched out, I feel a hand reach out and helps me further into the darkness. I mumble “thanks!” as I kneel down in almost complete darkness as I realize I’ve become separated from my lover already. I can feel a hand on my ankle then rub my calf and I think it’s him but I’m not completely sure. I’m struggling to see anything and the moaning is loud and deafening, it sounds like there are many couples here but it’s impossible to see how many. I can make out odd shapes but that’s about it. My eyes adjust to the light but it’s almost complete darkness in here. The floor feels cushioned almost mattress like. The walls felt padded touch and I try to imagine what it looks like with a light on but that that thought quickly disappears as I catch a whiff of sex mixed with perfume and my senses come alive.

I crawl a little further in and I can feel bodies moving all around me as a hand reaches down to my breasts and squeezes each of them in turn. My nipples stiffen on command and I moan with pleasure. I feel my body tingle all over. My pussy is getting wet already as someone below me reaches out and starts to kiss me. I recognize the soft full lips belong to a woman as I softly trace my hand over her face then down to her pert breast and feel her heavy mounds moving rhythmically. My hand ventures further down her flat stomach and glides over her shaven pussy. My hand goes further down searching for her wet love tunnel but stops when I realize she is being fucked slowly. I raise an eyebrow at the unexpected pleasant surprise. I turn my head to try to look back toward her as I rub her clit as she is being pounded harder. I feel someone step between us as a cock is offered to my face and forces my lips apart. I open my mouth and I feel a stiff cock slide into my mouth. Another hand grabs my breast as the cock goes deep into my mouth as I suck it eagerly. I release the woman as I definitely have other things to attend to. I can feel his sticky juice in my mouth as a pair of hands pull my bum cheeks apart. I’m secretly hoping it’s the girl as I suck the end of the cock hard as his pre-cum lubricates my mouth. I’m waiting for fingers to rub me or a tongue to taste my plump pussy lips. I work faster on the cock with my hand squeezing his balls with my soft hands. As I work his shaft with my lips, I wonder if I’m going to make him cum, I feel a cock push my labia apart and enter me deeply in one long thrust. “fuck!” I quietly moan impaled from behind as I am trying to catch my breath, I’m trying to understand what’s going on. Before I know it I’m being pounded from behind and have a throbbing cock in my mouth which feels like it’s going to explode. I feel more hands exploring all over my body and she starts to shake in excitement. My pussy feels like it’s going to explode as waves of pleasure start to overcome me.

I think of my boyfriend briefly as I feel the cock leave my mouth. I manage to catch my breath as I raise my ass up higher to meet each thrust into my warm, moist vagina. I reach back to make sure it’s protected as I feel the rubber wrapped tightly around his cock. Reassured, I allow him slide in deeper as he vigilantly fucks me hard and fast which I love! I feel him start to speed up and I know he’s close. Then I feel him pull out and move away. My pussy left in mid-air gaping for more cock. I feel someone step behind me as a finger penetrates me. I moan with pleasure as two fingers a forced into me. Suddenly someone from behind me pushes me onto my knees as I’m fingered hard in my ass. I feel a pair of lips kiss me firm as I feel the gently brush of long hair brush over my face. I know it’s female and I feel my pussy squeeze on her fingers. She pushes deeper and I feel her other hand search for my clit. She rubs hard as my body reaches a well-timed orgasm. The pulsing raising me to new heights as I pant and scream with pleasure. I collapse on the floor and roll onto my back with my arms stretched behind me in a daze wondering what’s happening next. Hands are pulling my thighs apart as a woman straddles my face and I lick and suck her clit. I tease her hole with my tongue as she rides my face. Fingers are going into my pussy and someone forces my ass hole open with a finger. It catches me by surprise and makes me groan louder with pleasure. My tongue darts in and out of this woman’s pussy as I recognize that she is sucking on a cock as she enjoys me eating her from below. I can hear her groaning with pleasure at my work as she finishes with the cock and bends her lean body down so she can taste me. I feel her lips expertly surround my clit as she slowly sucks harder and harder. My hips grinds away excitingly begging for more. As I lick her hard I feel the presence of a cock and I move my head to the side as it slides into her soaking wet hole, I can make out the shape of the shaft penetrating her as I feel her mouth groaning on my love hole as I watch the cock slide in and out. I feel her roll off me as she is fucked from behind, I sit up to see if I can see my sexy boyfriend to be sure he is ok having fun without me. But it’s impossible to see anything. I want more cock inside me as I’m not completely satisfied yet. More hands squeeze my ass and tits as I hunt another available cock.

I carefully crawl across some bodies as I find a man lying on his back recovering. I briefly kiss him gently then move across his tight body until I meet his limp cock. I wonder if he’s ready to go again as I take him in my mouth and he groans loudly. He grows quickly as I gently bring him back to stiffness. It feels very large in my mouth and when I know he’s fully erect I ask him to put on a contraceptive as I stand above him. He pulls me down and I insert his large cock into my aching vagina. Slowly it slides in as I carefully lower myself onto his hard dick. He’s fully inside me now and I give myself a few seconds to adjust to feeling really full. I’m dripping wet and cannot wait for him to start fucking my tiny wet pussy. As I start to grind down on him I feel another man position himself behind me rubbing my ass. I pause briefly and recognize that another cock wants to enter me. I feel pressure to my tight bum hole as I feel the large cock in my pussy start to push up hard to fuck me. I’m just about to say no to the man who’s trying to enter my ass to stop when my hair is pulled from behind forcing my head back and another cock is slid into my mouth. He pulls my head hard down as the cock forced down my throat. I scream with surprise as my head is held in position. As the big hard cock punishes my pussy with fast long strokes. The cock in my mouth pulsates with every stroke as I feel my tight ass being forced open. I manage to pull my head away briefly as I look over my shoulder and growl at the perpetrator to fuck my ass. The man with the huge cock underneath me stops briefly to allow my back door man to force his way into me. I feel the cock push through my very tight ass as he pauses to let me adjust. Then I feel the pressure as it slips in deeper and deeper, inch by inch. How did he know I love ass play, especially when I can get a cock in my ass and pussy at the same time! I can feel two hard cocks inside me as the pain and the glory sweeps waves of pleasure over my petite body. I search for the cock in front of me with an open mouth and I find it again as my mind and body explode in orgasm as if it is the first time I have truly been pleasured. All three of my holes are filled with beautiful hard dick as I’m fucked for an eternity. I cum and cum again as my ass pulsates to the rhythm of three cocks who are seeing to me. I feel my full ass gaping open as the first dick is about to cum as removes his erect member from me. I work hard on the cock in my mouth as he finally drills down deep into my throat and launches his sperm into my welcoming mouth. I feel cum run out of my mouth while I am sucking him with great vigor, I’m amazed how much cum he has given me. I feel him move away as my remaining cock works my pussy hard. I feel him thrust harder as I work my pussy in time to his strokes. I ache as he reaches the very end of my wet passage and I cry out in pain, loving his huge cock destroying me. I feel him work fast and then he releases into me. I feel my pussy get warm as his balls tighten. I can feel his cum filling the sheath as he gasps for air. I kiss him hard on the lips and whisper thanks into his ear. I lean forward as feel him slide out of me. I sit up and feel my ass hole to make sure its ok. It feels sore but still in one piece. I fall to the floor again in a daze. I’ve never done anything like this before and it is amazing.

People are still entering the room and I decide it’s time for a drink and to recover. I manage to get to my feet but my legs feel like jelly. I gingerly step over some bodies and I find the exit door easily. I make my way through the dark passage to the outer door and find my clothes. As I dress quickly, I look over to the bar and see my boyfriend dressed already there waving a drink at me with a big smile on his face. I slip my dress on and head over to him. He hands me a glass of my favorite wine as we kiss, we toast each other. I am so thirsty from my play time, I drink my cocktail quickly. He asks me if I want another, “not yet I say” still shaking with excitement, ” I ask him to join me in the shower and then we can enter the Black Room for round 2!. His eyes shining as he starts to laugh, we high five each other and head to the shower.

Love Zee

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