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When was the last time you initiated a lovemaking session with your man? If your answer is never (or you can’t remember), you better be worried. It is a known fact that women tend to shy away from making the first move. But, that doesn’t mean that you don’t want to make love and paint the bed dirty with your naughty moves. So go on, tell your partner that you want it, without actually saying it out loud.

I prefer the direct route to let my lover know how much I need and desire him, but many of my readers have recently asked for more ideas. Here are 15 Sure Fire Tips to show your man you want him now:

Enthusiasm: Men love it when women show enthusiasm in bed or otherwise. When in the mood, hang around him and be enthusiastic about everything he is doing. He will love the attention, and well, you then you won’t have to initiate anything.

Play peekaboo: In the morning, when you are in the mood for a quickie, pull on a t-shirt and conveniently forget your bra. Just one little bend, and you’ll have him reaching out for you!

Pamper him: After a long day at work, your man might just be too tired to think of sex. Relax him with a nice massage, and once all the stress is gone, his mind will be diverted to you and you will get a night to remember.

Fantasy item: Ask your man to spill his secret fantasy. Dress up as his secret fantasy girl underneath your work clothes and let him get a sneak peek of it. He will go wild with passion when he gets to know about your surprise.

Sexy Time Signal: Do you have a name for him which you only you know or a secret touch that lets him know that you are ready for sexy time? If you do either whisper it in his ear when you are in the mood to get down and dirty or give him your secret “signal”.

Key up: Slip your hand into his pant pocket and fish for his car keys or anything else he carries in his pocket. Linger for a few seconds longer than required and he is bound to leave everything behind and follow you to the bedroom.

Small changes: You get a haircut and most men just won’t notice. But get red streaks and he is bound to see them. You could also wear a mini skirt all of a sudden or even get a Brazilian, which has many other benefits, (more on that in another blog). These little changes turn men on like little else can.

Compliment him: Not only moves in the bedroom require complimenting but also the way he is on daily life. Men don’t fish for compliments but they sure do like them. Flattery can get you anywhere ladies, even in a man’s pants.

Sensory hints: There are some smells that remind your man of you; like a specific dish or a certain soap you use. Try to find out what it is and make sure he gets plenty of that smell all day long. When he comes home he would have missed you so much that he’ll want to ravish you in the bedroom. A personal favorite of mine is when I have the time to send my lover with a home packaged lunch I add a personal love note and add a spritz of my personal scent to it so it reminds him all day of what’s waiting for him at home!

Competition time: Men are competitive. Flirt with another man when out with your partner and see him get all territorial. Better yet tell him how you find another diner at the restaurant so hot. He’ll want to get home pronto to make you all his in every sense!

Anticipation: Men can be pretty impatient when it comes to getting down and dirty. Send him a suggestive picture in the morning and wait to see how he responds. A word of caution if he is with other people a lot and they might see his phone you may consider a code word for any “randy” pics so he knows when it is ok to open them in private.

Surprise: Keep the surprise element in your relationship alive with a sexy gift or an impromptu visit to his office. He’ll be super happy with the extra attention, and will make sure to give you some in return.

Write it down: May be you can’t speak it out loud, but writing it down shouldn’t be so difficult. Write down your feelings in steam on the shower cubicle or on the mirror with your lipstick and wait for him to act.

Gear up: Work out at the gym or pleasure yourself before your man returns home. You will be waiting for him all pink in the cheeks, so suggestive that you are ready to get busy between the sheets.

Give him control: Go online and order vibrating panties. Wear them and give him the remote to take control of your pleasure. When he sees that you are in the mood, he might just offer his services and you won’t need the panties at all.

You can employ all of the above or none depending on your mood. If all else fails, grab your man by the hand and place it between your legs so he can feel how excited you are, that is sure to give him a clear signal of what you desire. HIM!

Live with passion & joy. Zee Gal

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