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Five Tips for G-Spot Stimulation

1. Remove the chore list from your brain. Thinking about all your responsibilities and to-do list keep you from being in the moment and dampen your ability to enjoy stimulation. Not all women have a G-spot, but if you are one of the lucky ladies, do everything you can to leave your responsibilities outside of the bedroom. You might even ask your lover for a sensual massage to help you relax.

2. Warm-up the body. Spend time cuddling, stroking, and feeling other parts of the body before heading to the G-spot. Getting your body warmed up sends blood flow to the vulva, labia, vaginal canal, and clitoral network, making it feel more ready and excited for touch and stimulation.

3. Don’t be afraid of the pressure. The type of touch used on the G-spot should be an increase in pressure, and it can take much more pressure when it is aroused. This is typically different from the way you touch other parts of the vulva. Think of this being less of a thrust and more of a deep tissue massage.

4. Go pee beforehand. If you are concerned about the potential of peeing during a G-spot orgasm...and even if you are not, it is a good idea to eliminate your bladder before engaging in G-spot orgasm play. Thinking you might pee can distract you from the stimulation, so it is best if you can clear your bladder and mind.

5. Relax into the sensations. Some women say the closer they get to orgasm, the more it feels like they must pee. This may worry you and cause you to lose some of your arousal and access to your orgasm. Consider relaxing through the feeling of having to pee and free yourself of any anxiety. Remember that except for infections, urine is sterile, so relax and lose yourself in the moment.

Live with Joy and Passion,

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