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The Date Night Challenge

When was the last time you and your special someone went on a date?

If you cannot recall, right now is the time to send your partner a calendar invite for a date that consists of no kids, cell phones, etc.! This is your date night wake-up call. Date nights are not something you should ignore because couples need the time and opportunity to connect with each other. This is even more crucial to spend time alone together for couples in a long-term relationship. I personally know how difficult it can be to add one more “action” item to your list but investing in your relationship and connection to your significant other will pay off overall.

I can hear your objections already... you don’t have enough money, time or resources. But there are ways around all of these obstacles. Can you put the kids in front of the TV and sit outside for 15 minutes together without your phones? BAM. That's a date. What about a Starbucks run just the two of you for 20 minutes? DATE. Can you rent a hotel room for a daycation while your kids are at camp to reignite your s3x life and get risky? (The answer is YES, visit this website

If you are in your relationship for the long, long haul, you must find time together alone.

Need more help? Contact me directly and I can help you design a few sexy date nights together that are guaranteed to increase your connection and intimacy. Put the kids down, watch a sexy video or read a story from my upcoming book: 69 of My Dirtiest Secrets: Erotic Tales to Ignite Desire!

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