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The One Type Of #Intimacy That Involves Touch

Something about the very word "intimacy" evokes an image of not necessarily being in the middle of sex, but at least being in a scenario that's setting the mood for it. Perhaps the people involved aren't fully clothed, or maybe they're just gazing intently into each other's eyes. At any rate, no matter what you imagine specifically, it's likely aligned to the concept of being intimate with someone, which is a notion many of us regard as a sexual act of some type. This is the point where we go wrong.

For most of us, the physical act of sex is typically easier than being truly intimate with another person. The difference between exposing ourselves sexually can be much safer than exposing our most intimate selves to another person because that is when we could be hurt. Genuinely connecting with someone calls upon a combination of the four types of intimacy, and most of those don't involve any touching whatsoever.

Fostering a sense of closeness in any relationship, romantic or otherwise, requires a combination of all four types of intimacy: emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical. But since you obviously won't have off-the-charts natural chemistry with every person in your life, understanding what each type of intimacy has in common is crucial for genuine emotional and erotic connection.

True intimacy boils down to connection and attention. Real intimacy is a one-on-one connection that involves a bond between two people. If you want to feel intimate, the first thing you and your partner need to do is stop everything else you are doing, put down your cell phone and give each other your undivided, undistracted attention. While you can't simply snap your fingers and make intimacy appear, you can work on it and create it for yourself and improve on it. Stay tuned for the four types of intimacy in my next blog.

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