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"We cannot talk about sexual power without talking about sexual energy. I believe our zensuality is, at its root, an energy. This energy is our own powerful core, the fire we use to flirt, connect, explore, fantasize, and express our power in a multitude of ways.


When your energy is strong and you are in alignment, you have a powerful way of attracting to you what you desire. This is an ideal state. Your core sexual energy is essential to your personal gas tank; it keeps you going, but it's not mere fuel. There is a quality to it that is fundamental to you living an orgasmic life."

~ Sher

Zensual offerings

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The highly anticipated book, "69 of My Dirtiest Secrets" is coming soon in fall 2023!

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Couple Hugging

I reached out to Sher because I was re-entering the dating world in my mid-forties and completely terrified. Not only did she help me overcome my fears and insecurities with dating, I embraced my body in a whole new way, created a dating profile that I loved and felt was authentic, and now I'm in a long-term committed relationship.

~ Sue, age 43

Bride and Groom

I was newly engaged and kept having triggers tied to my past trauma, but I really wanted to save my marriage. Sher helped me identify my past attachment wounds, understand how my partner was violating them, and create boundaries to move forward so I could feel safe again. Now our marriage is stronger than ever.

~ Taylor, age 35

What is the

somatica method?

The Somatica Method is unlike anything you have ever experienced before...

"Our basic need as humans is connection and bonding...

sometimes we just need the right support at the right time to discover the path back home."

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