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“Zensuality is for everyone. Feeling empowered sexually means developing a powerful sense of self and the confidence to live embodied.”

~Sher (A.K.A Zensual Gal)

My highly anticipated book, 69 of my Dirtiest Secrets: Erotic Tales to Ignite Your Desire, now available, along with the companion journal: 69 Tips to Living a Zensual Life! They are the perfect gift for your BFF, significant other(s)…or a steamy treat for yourself!


Welcome to Zensual Gal—where exploration and empowerment intertwine to create a unique tapestry of intimacy and relationship growth. It's undeniable that cultivating rich, intimate, and fulfilling relationships is crucial not only for our happiness but also for our overall well-being. Sherri Elliott-Yeary – a compassionate beacon of hope and ground-breaking know-how – is dedicated to helping individuals and couples reimagine their romantic relationships and possibilities for connection.


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What is Intimacy & Relationship Coaching?

What if sex could be more than just…sex?


Imagine understanding your desires and owning your own body.

What would it look like if you discovered and embraced your intimate passions?

What if you could recognize and articulate your desires to your lover(s)?


To achieve intimacy with others, it is imperative to start with you – your needs, your desires, your fantasies, your fears, your mindset, and your limits. By comfortably navigating intimate challenges and exploring your mind-body connection, together I will assist you in developing a stronger sense of living embodied, and feel empowered to develop more profound, and meaningful relationships with yourself and others.


Sounds like a fantasy, right?

What if I told you this could actually happen?


Intimacy and Relationship coaching empowers you to find harmony among your physical needs, emotional connections, and mental well-being. With proven techniques, like breathwork, yoga, touch therapy, and communication exercises, intimacy and relationship coaching has helped individuals and couples achieve a more intimate connection with their bodies, desires, and personal relationships.


Considering coaching? Give me a shout to set up a complimentary discovery call.

And who knows—maybe sex can finally be more than just…sex.

"We cannot talk about sexual power without including sexual energy. It is my belief our sensuality is what fuels the desire to live a more purpose driven life. This cache of energy creates a powerful core that burns hot and bright when we take action to fan the flames.


When we take inspired action by living a pleasure focused life, we can access our internal flame to connect, flirt, explore, fantasize, and actualize our deepest desires. As you live your life in alignment with your core erotic desires, you can powerfully attract to you a life of passion and connection."

~ Sher

What can coaching help me with?

  1. Understanding and Expressing Desires

  2. Strengthening Emotional Connections

  3. Building Sexual Confidence

  4. Addressing and Working through Intimate Challenges

  5. Heal from past Trauma

  6. Claiming Your Zen

How do I know if Intimacy & Relationship Coaching is right for me?

Everyone is unique and original. And your coaching experience should be, too.

I offer a complimentary 30-minute discovery call to discuss your goals, address concerns, walk through my approach to coaching, and determine if I’m the right coach for you. Use the link below to schedule your free 30-minute discovery call or to book a comprehensive, paid session.



Couple Hugging

I reached out to Sher because I was re-entering the dating world in my mid-forties and completely terrified. Not only did she help me overcome my fears and insecurities with dating, I embraced my body in a whole new way, created a dating profile that I loved and felt was authentic, and now I'm in a long-term committed relationship.

~ Sue, age 43

Bride and Groom

I was newly engaged and kept having triggers tied to my past trauma, but I really wanted to save my marriage. Sher helped me identify my past attachment wounds, understand how my partner was violating them, and create boundaries to move forward so I could feel safe again. Now our marriage is stronger than ever.

~ Taylor, age 35

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