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“You are unique and original. Your coaching experience should be, too.”

Life Can Get Better

When we experience sexual problems or relationship challenges, it can turn our lives upside down, throwing us into a spiral of confusion, frustration, anxiety, and even shame. Here’s the thing: you are not broken, and your sexual experiences (and relationships) can get better. I am here to support you and your partner with individual and couple’s therapy.
In Love

From Low Libido to Addiction

Collaborating with you in a sex-positive, open-minded, and non-judgmental environment, we will explore what may potentially be causing your sexual and relationship challenges and provide you with tools and strategies to make things better.


Whatever your gender, identity, or orientation, we can tackle your concerns together, including:

  • Problem sexual behaviors (also known as porn addiction)

  • Unusual Sexual Interests (including Fetishes or Kinks)

  • Low Libido or Desire Discrepancies in Couples

  • Problems with Erectile Function

  • Difficulties Reaching Orgasm

  • Performance Anxiety

  • Early/Rapid Ejaculation

  • Genital/Sex Pain

  • Guilt or Shame about Sex

  • Navigating Open Relationships

  • Sexual Trauma 

  • Infidelity, and beyond

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