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Meet Zensual Gal

Hey there! 

I’m Sher, otherwise known as Zensual Gal.  I am a certified Intimacy and Relationship Coach. Professionally trained inTthe SOMATICA® Method in the Sex and Intimacy methodology and trained as a Finding Peace in Relationships facilitator. I collaborate with my clients to explore their physical, emotional, and intimate selves to achieve a holistic wellness experience. I coach individuals and couples to embrace their identities, voice their needs, and discover sexual liberation.

My life’s mission, rooted in resilience from overcoming numerous life adversities, is to empower you to emerge from the shadows of anxiety and past traumas, and encourage you to foster a more intimate connection with your body and soul. While this journey may initially seem daunting, I am committed to providing you with a safe space where you can heal, grow, transform, and overcome any barriers standing in the way of living your quintessential Zensual life.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, I can help you improve your communication skills, boost your confidence, and explore your erotic desires in a safe and supportive environment. With years of experience as a coach and a passion for empowering others, it is my mission to help you create the most fulfilling, satisfying, turned-on, and lit-up life you deserve.




Own your Body.

 Claim your Zen.

~ Zensual Gal


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My Story

I haven’t always been an Intimacy and Relationship Coach. 

For years, I was the leading expert on the impact of generational change in the workplace. I researched small and large businesses to debunk generational myths and discover the most effective ways to solve multi-generational clashes. Once profiled on Condé Nast’s list of the world’s most influential brands, my consulting firm, Generational Guru, provided research and counsel on generational issues to hundreds of companies and professional groups, ranging from small businesses to multinational corporations. As an author, columnist, blogger, and lecturer, I have been quoted by the Chicago Tribune,, and US News & World Report. I have also appeared on ABC Talk Live, iHeart Radio, and NPR.

I loved my life. I was a best-selling author, a leader in the business world, and a successful keynote speaker.  I had worked my ass off to get there, and I was proud of myself and my team.

But something was missing.

After a lot of trial and error, broken relationships, divorce, therapy, intentional soul searching, and experiencing my very first orgasm at the age of 38… I discovered a new calling: passion.

So, I made a change. And then another one, and then another one. And it took time. And it took work, boundary-setting, and a hell of a lot of vulnerability.  And before I knew it, passion had become a core value in my life. I learned that living a passionate life not only improved my self-confidence but also gave me the focus and the drive to chase after my desires. As a result, I learned to love myself. I found sexual freedom. And, for the first time in my life, I experienced Zen.

Since then, my goal in life has been to support others on their journey toward self-love, sexual freedom, and zen – an experience that I have officially trademarked as “zensual.” Having dedicated my life to learning more about intimacy with oneself and one’s partner(s), I have rebranded myself as Zensual Gal, and I have written a memoir of my Zensual Gal journey entitled 69 of my Dirtiest Secrets: Erotic Tales to Ignite Desire, which is now available.

What is The

Somatica® Method?

The Somatica® Method is unlike anything you have ever experienced before...

Finding Peace in Relationships

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