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Couples "Game Night"

“Light as a feather, stiff as a board, light as a feather, stiff as a board …” [Chanting.]

Sonya opened one eye in protest, “Do we really have to do this?”

“Oh come on, it’s game night!” begged Aimee. “The guys don’t seem to mind.”

“Stiff as a board?” Damon smirked. “Stiff as a board.” Sean laughed.

Sonya reached one hand over to Damon’s crotch while simultaneously reaching the other to Sean’s. “Stiff as a… a…” Her voice trailed off as she sighed and smiled sweetly at Aimee. She could feel them hard under their shorts as she stroked slowly.

“Light as a feather, stiff as a board, light as a feather, stiff as a board …”

Aimee winked back as she began to say it faster and faster, pressing only her pinkies into Sonya’s shoulders. Damon and Sean joined her, chanting in rhythmic fashion as they slowly raised Sonya’s body higher. Her sundress, light and strappy, fell to the sides of her hips, clinging to her plump breasts. Damon focused on her neck beading with sweat, his eyes following a drop as it trickled down in between her heaving tits. He immediately wanted to lick it.

“It’s getting hot in here.” Sonya whispered breathy to Aimee. She kept her eyes shut like she was told, body stiff, sweat beading on her neckline.

“Light as a … shhhh Sonya, the dead aren’t supposed to speak.” Aimee peeked open her eyes to look down Sonya’s dress at her breasts, following the same sweat drop as Damon and licked her lips.

“Light as a feather, stiff as a board, light as a feather, stiff as a board …”

Sean repeated the chant studiously with his eyes shut, concentrating on the smell of Sonya’s hair and the feel of her skin on his fingertips. Skin, soft and smooth as he imagined her pussy to be. He felt his dick jump at the thought. Sonya felt Sean’s dick harden up into her palm, nuzzling the tip through his shorts as she continued to stroke it, while Damon’s dick felt like a thick hard rock just thrown from a fire.

Sean opened his eyes to look at Aimee; her hair brushed her bare shoulders, her eyes starting at Sonya’s big tits. Aimee’s artful collarbones glistened in the light, and her nipples were hard, looking sexy under her tank top. Her perky tits seemed to stand at full attention. “Beautiful.” Sean thought.

“Light as a feather, stiff as a board, light as a feather, stiff as a board …”

Aimee’s eyes leave Sonya’s sweaty chest to slowly focus straight ahead as the three of them hold Sonya in mid-levitation, “Now, lift …”

Damon and Sean lift Sonya from the sides using only their fingertips while Aimee, pinkies under her soft skinned shoulders, extends her arms as high as they will go. Sonya floats above them, her hands go limp, leaving the guy’s throbbing dicks to lay on their legs hot, tips wet. She seems entranced. Now fully above them her dress pillows beneath her apple bottom ass and her bulbous tits lean to each side slightly with effortless jiggle. Her auburn ponytail hangs and dances in the dim light of the room.

Aimee licks her lips; eyes still staring straight ahead, “Lower her.” She says with breathy demand. Damon and Sean do her bidding and lower Sonya gently to the floor, her head resting between Aimee’s thighs.

“Prepare the body …”

Sonya bewitchingly grins a wicked little smile. “Time for resurrection.” Amiee bellows in a low sexy voice mirroring Sonya’s smirk. “Time for an ERECTION?” Sean laughs. The girls both giggle and play along as the guy’s eyes widen.

Sonya keeps her eyes closed and her head resting in between Aimee’s thighs. Aimee slowly pulls her long, strappy tank top over her head. Her perky tits pop out gleaming with sweat, nipples hard from excitement. Damon and Sean feel their shorts tighten again. Aimee snaps her tank top over her head with a sexy determination, her hair falls from it around her – wet at the tips. Damon immediately thinks of lapping every drop.

Aimee covers Sonya’s eyes with her tank, gently removing the hair tie from Sonya’s hair to make the top snug above her nose, so it won’t move.

“Prepare the body …”

Amiee chants again, whispering low, almost humming it. She motions to Sean to come closer and whispers softly in his ear. He stands up and Aimee removes his shorts. His rock hard dick springs out and she sucks the pre-cum from it letting her lip drag over his bulging vein. Then, as he’s instructed, he slides his thighs under Sonya’s head. His throbbing cock hovering just above the top that covers her eyes.

Damon feels his dick push against his shorts. Sitting still on the side of Sonya watching Aimee cat crawl silently towards him on hands and knees. Looking into his eyes she licks her lips and nods. He stands and she pulls his shorts to the floor. His dick points skyward. She pulls it down to her mouth to suck it. Her wet tongue makes a popping sound as she occasionally breaks the seal from her lips.

Sean is watching and feels his dick drip onto Sonya’s face. She breathes a slight moan as his pre-cum runs down her lips, letting its salty taste warm on her tongue.

“The dead are awakening.” Aimee says with a mouth full of Damon’s dick. He groans and pushes his dick into the cheek of her mouth. She sucks hard and then releases, smiling up at him and points to Sonya licking her lips.

Aimee slides away from Damon and he returns to the floor. Rolling up Sonya’s dress, she begins to kiss and lick up her right thigh, then her left, running her nails gently along her legs as she does. Sonya arches her back at finally feeling touch again as Aimee slightly grazes her lips with her tongue, slowly. She runs her nails up Sonya’s smoothly shaved lips to feel her wetness and then up above, twirling her soft, curly pussy hair.

Damon runs his fingers under Sonya’s straps and then pulls her dress down to suck on her mountainous left tit. Sean reaches for her right one, playing with her nipple as Damon pulls the dress down more to lick her nipples, wetting the tips first, watching them stand on end. Sean’s other hand slowly strokes his dick while Sonya begins to lick his head that hovers over her, feeling his warm pre-cum drip out as she widens her tongue.

Suddenly she moans as Aimee sucks her swollen clit, then licks hungrily up and down in between her wet lips with her tongue. Sean and Damon begin to lick her tits wildly, she grabs at their dicks, hot and hard, begging to have them in her mouth again. Damon leaves her tits to kneel behind Aimee whose face is chin deep inside of Sonya. He grabs his dick and rubs it on Aimee’s shaved smooth, shiny pink lips. They’re juicy wet as Damon slips his tip inside, but Aimme’s pussy is tight and he pulls back to play, listening to the sucking sounds her lips make on his dick. She moans and slips two fingers inside of Sonya. Damon watches Aimee lick Sonya’s clit again as she fingers her harder and harder.

Fuck, the wet sounds are so intoxicating. The slippery sounds of Sonya’s pussy echo the sucking sounds of Aimee’s as Damon slams into her from behind.

Sean watches with his mouth open, practically drooling, panting as he rubs his dick on Sonya’s mouth. She licks his shaft. “Oh Fuck.” Sean says as Aimee makes eye contact with him while she licks Sonya’s pussy. She widens her tongue, staring in his eyes, and pulls up to smile at him with a mouthful of Sonya’s pussy dripping down her chin. Then her eyes roll back as Damon fucks her deep and slow. Sonya’s cum dangling in drips from the corners of her mouth, swaying as he pounds her pussy. She feels every hot inch of him.

Damon watches Sonya’s tits bounce when she arches up to get more of Sean in her mouth. Then he looks down to watch his bulging vein being sucked into Aimee’s pulsing wet pussy. In and out he slides, his dick throbbing red and shiny, “Yes Baby. Shit! That feels soooo fucking good.” He grabs her hips and slams into her again, faster this time. The sight of everything happening is surreal and fucking amazing.

Aimee licks Sonya’s clit even faster now, feeling Damon deep inside her, her pussy pulling him inside, clenching him as he tries to pull out to pound into her again. Sonya’s moans become more rapid, “Mmmake me cum Aimee!” as she feels Aimee’s fingers gyrating and her tongue lapping at her. Sean watches everything sprawled out before him, eyes wide, mouth slightly open. He strokes his dick, wet from Sonya’s mouth, more pre-cum dangles from the tip just above Sonya’s still blindfolded eyes.

Damon penetrates through Aimee’s pussy’s effort to force him out and sinks deep inside her. She stops licking and moans into Sonya’s pussy, which makes Sonya cums all over her face. Juices drip from Aimee’s lips, running down her chin and neck. Sean can’t hold it any longer after seeing that and cums all over Sonya’s tits. Damon pumps faster, “Cum on Baby, cum Aimee, cum hard for me.” Aimee pushes back on Damon, riding and slamming into him until she finally cums and squirts up his stomach and onto the floor. Damon, holding onto her hips tight, feels her soak him, her hot pussy juices dripping down him. She pulses to cum again, the walls of her pussy tightening. Damon lets out a final grunt and cums deep inside her. Aimee cums again, forcing his dick and half his cum out of her.

Aimee flops forward onto Sonya’s belly and her tits rub into her pussy wet with her cum. She leans up to suck Sonya’s tits; covered in Damon’s cum. Sean pulls the makeshift blindfold gently off of Sonya so she can watch. He uses his other hand to hold his dick, already getting hard again at the sight of Aimee eating him off of Sonya.

Sonya looks at Damon, who’s holding his dick just like Sean, half hard already and dripping with hot Aimee juice. “Mmmmm…” she purrs, “I fucking LOVE game night.”

Aimee laughs with a mouthful of Sonya’s slippery tit, bites her nipple and leans up to kiss her mouth whispering …

“Light as a feather, stiff as a board.”

She rubs her creamy filled pussy onto Sonya’s wet pussy, humping as she does.

“Light as a feather, stiff as a board.” Sonya responds, kissing Aimee back as she mumbles…

“Next weekend lets invite our new neighbors for game night!”

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