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Pleasuring Yourself

Although masturbation is often treated as taboo, it’s entirely normal and extremely common. The six top reasons why it’s vital you know how to satisfy yourself in order to live a healthy, sexually satisfying whether you are solo or with a partner.

There are many benefits to a healthy dose of solo sexual practices:

  • It helps teach both sexes about their own sexual response and can be useful in explaining to their partners what feels good and doesn’t. Learning how to touch yourself in ways that are pleasurable is key to sharing that experience with a partner.

  • It is helpful for men who may have issues with premature ejaculation, as it can familiarize them with the moment of inevitability, so that they can better master their sense of control.

  • Also, it is a great equalizer for couples who may have a disparity in sex drive frequency.

  • Solo orgasm, just as with a partner is a great stress reliever and sleep aid.

  • A 2012 study in Sexual and Relationship Therapy found that male masturbation may also improve immune system functioning and the health of the prostate.

  • For women, it builds pelvic floor muscles and sensitivity and has been associated with less back pain and cramping around menses as it increases blood flow and stimulates relaxation of the area after orgasm.

In addition to the above, solo practice feels good and increases endorphins. Watch a porno, read a sexy article, turn on a favorite toy and enjoy the experience.

Live with passion and joy, Zee

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