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Dating "Mr. Grey"


“Turn around.” He said in a deep voice. I was sitting on his bed, and stared quietly in to his eyes. His eyes were dark and demanding. Waves of heat filled my body when he said it once more. I nodded, I knew what he wanted and he knew I would give it to him. Without speaking, I turned around. He laid his hand on my back and ordered me to lie on my stomach.

With his lips, he placed soft kisses on my back from the bottom all the way to the top. My body curled with every touch. When he reached my neck, he stopped. I moaned. I wanted him to go on. I felt him getting up, and could hear a drawer open and close. When he returned, he placed his muscular body on top of mine. I gasped for air.

In a quick movement, he stretched my arms. With his hands, he gently he tied mine to the bed. Leaving me unable to move. “Are you ready?” he asked. His voice was hoarse.

I had never considered myself a very sexual person. Sex was something I had with my boyfriend, but never seemed to give me any sort of real pleasure. To me it was just something that I had to do, not something that was very special to me.

The sex I had with my former boyfriend was as you called it, vanilla. I had this feeling until I met Perry, a wealthy, gorgeous, and well-established man. He is the kind of person who demands attention without even having to ask. His dark eyes, perfect lips, and masculine build were what attracted me to him in the first place. But when the sex turned out to be just as rough as his looks, I was hooked. He was a real-life Mr. Grey.

After our first time, I was covered in bruises. Something that should have been alarming to me, but it wasn’t. It was exciting. And when he told me it was nothing, and I should wait for what he had in store for me, I couldn’t wait until our next sex capade.

I could feel his long, strong fingers around my neck. With his other hand, he grabbed my hair and pulled it back, my neck arched up to accommodate his pulling. I felt the whispers of his breath, his pounding heart, and heath on my back. My body shook in pleasure. Hot and cold shivers ran down my spine. I moaned when his grip around my neck and hair tightened. I couldn’t help but love the feeling, for however long it lasted. The feeling of being controlled and submissive, to someone who controlled my need. His body moved, and I could feel him bending over, roughly biting my neck. The grip around my hair and neck loosened. With his fingernails, he dug into my back, leaving a red trace from my neck to my collar bone. His one hand stroked my bottom forcefully, while his other disappeared underneath my stomach.

His fingers trailed down to my most sensitive spot, running lightly over my folds. I pushed my hips deeper into his hand, causing the intense feeling inside me to grow. Tension was building inside my body. His rough hands on my body, pinching me, stroking me, pleasuring and paining me. Just as I thought I was about to explode he stopped, lifted me from my stomach, and placed both hands on my hips. He grunted as he sunk inside me with long and deep thrusts. He pulled me back and forth, the rope with which he tied me to the bed digging deeper into my skin. He thrusts grew faster, shorter, and more. I was so close again.

He grabbed my neck once more. With every trust his grip tightened. Until we both couldn’t hold it in anymore. I collapsed, shivering on to the bed. With his hands, he rubbed up and down my back soothing the trembling feeling inside of me. As he untied me from the bed, I knew. I never want anything else ever again.

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